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Process Consultancy
Process Consulting is a powerful tool which is used to enhance group effectiveness, reduce meeting times, and address conflicts. It helps make teamwork effective, and has a long lasting effect.

Most of the organizations are continuously facing challenges due to demanding business requirements. They need to meet these challenges through improvement of operational efficiencies, changing technology, sourcing strategy, better management etc. IT processes form the backbone of IT management in the organization. We help in streamlining the processes to meet these challenges, improving services that cover the entire range from Process definition, implementation & training to process assessments.

Services Offered:
We render the following services that ensure a deployment of comprehensive process improvement program in an organization :

  1. Analysis of the current hardware and software setup.
  2. Reshuffling of system configurations: The reshuffling of the configurations when upgrading the systems is required so that the cost of upgradation can be reduced.
  3.  Advice on the basis of requirement of hardware using the existing setup and new systems when required so that the cost can be reduced with maximum utilization of the available resources within the organization.
  4. Bridge the gap between the Management and the IT department
  5. Suggestions regarding the automation of existing manual processes.
  6. Reports of achievements through these automated processes.
  7. Data communication solutions
  8. Data security solutions
  9. Consultation in customized software development.

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