•  How to Always open tabs from last Browsing Session
    After a browser crash or after a session where you have to close the browser for any reason, you can continue with the last browsing sessions with ease so that you don’t have to remember the tabs that were open previously.
  •  Create a Password Protected Folder without any Extra Software
    Often we have to give our laptop / desktop to someone for some work, with this our confidential data is vulnerable to be viewed by that person, we can protect a particular folder from being accessed without our permission.
  • Windows 7 repeating alarm.
    Set a repetitive alarm for reminding you for an event / task.
  • How to create system image
    To avoid unexpected system crashes create image of the Healthy operating to be restored at any time later.
  •   Record steps with screen shots
    Take screen shots to explain or to remember any steps of an application with use of the inbuilt option in Windows.
  •  Manage your Documents.
    Sometimes we tend to forget the exact location of the files that we have created, locate them on a click.
  • Know the exact file and folder size instantly using a third party software
    We can download a utility which shows folder and file size.
  • Assign a permanent Drive Letter to Pen Drive
    When we connect pen drive to a computer or laptop, it gets the next available drive letter assigned to it but then it may change every time you connect a drive, assigning a permanent drive letter to a pen drive will keep the paths of the files.
  •  Perform Date calculations on Calculator
    Date calculations such as difference between two dates and no. of days between two dates can be calculated easily by the use of the Windows Calculator Application which is inbuilt with Windows.
  •  Recent items in Windows Explorer
    In a session where we browse the local computer, sometimes it becomes difficult to remember the earlier folders we had accessed, the feature provided by Windows to view the recent items in the Windows Explorer takes care of this issue and helps us to easily navigate between folders we accessed earlier.
  • Filtering folder content views
    Imagine a huge folder with lots of files and folders with varied names, and you remember the start letter of the file you want open, it becomes extremely annoying to scroll through or search the file, you can apply a filter based on the alphabetical order and find the file easily.
  • Make your data available to you anywhere.
    Free Cloud data storage for limited storage space can be utilized for accessing your data from any computer.
  • Google advanced search
    Tweaking the Google search and using it to gain maximum relevant information.
  • Google calendar reminders via email & SMS.
    Set all important reminders and have Google send mails and/or SMS to you and to the assigned subordinates.
  •  Marathi / Hindi typing using Google.
    Google Indic language on your system and typing in Marathi / Hindi.
  •  Reduce size of original photograph for emailing.
    Photographs taken from cameras are heavy on size and cannot be mailed, to mail them to people we have to reduce their size. Windows snipping tool helps us to take snapshots of images on screen.
  •  Delete password data saved in Browser.
    Often we forget to un-tick  the remember password when we login to a mailing website, this can be a security risk as someone else sitting on the same computer gets your email id logged in.
  • Secret partition on pen drive.
    Create a password protected secret partition on your pen drive,
  • Hide letter or document in image file.
    Hide your important data in an image file so that nobody can view it.
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  • How to Take Screen shots in Word 2010.
    Insert into your document any screenshot of the open applications.
  • Table of Contents.
    Navigate between topics easily with use of Table of Contents so that the document scrolling can be minimized and productivity maximized.
  • Mail Merge.
    Send multiple personalized mailers from a list.
  •  Covert Text to Table.
    Often we require to tabulate data entered in Word for beautification. We can do this with help of Convert Text to Table option in Word.
  •  Word linking with excel data can direct update in word.
    Link Excel worksheet into Word so that whatever changes you make in the Excel sheet gets reflected in Word.


  • Create a Button and give Hyperlink to different Sheet.
  • Navigate between sheets with a click of a button created in Excel.
  • Sum of a column and multiple columns can be calculated with a few keystrokes and the result will appear in the desired location.
  • Date Calculations - Time calculations.
    While doing date and time calculations we often get a general number. What is the significance of this number and by applying certain criteria how to obtain the exact days, months, years etc.
  •  Formula SumIf, CountIF
    Summation and counting of data entered depending upon the criteria selected in the field.
  • Filters with date / count
    Filter a dataset to generate a report based on various criteria such as date, sales amount, sales count, region, maximum, minimum, product, sales representatives etc.
  • Logical Functions
    Use of the if logical function
  •  Vlookup Function with Iferror
    Effective use of Vlookup function and eliminating error conditions
  • Subtotal
  • Relate table and generate Report.
    Create a worksheet for generating reports for admin purposes based on the data entered by the users.
  •  Introduction of Pivot Table. Value Field Settings
    Generate a report that you have visualized depending on the criteria and calculate / summarize depending on conditions you predefine.
  •  Print with header on each page
    The header field of the column can be printed on each page so that there is a proper view of the field names when the data is large.

Common in Word and Excel

  • Save Time by customizing the Quick Access Toolbar.
    Add command icons to the quick access toolbar so that it becomes easy to use them in a single click.
  • Create customized Tab in Word Ribbon.
    You can create a custom Tab to accommodate your regular commands for ease of use.
  • How to crop pictures in Word, Excel & Power Point.
    Add an image to your document and crop it to suite your need.
  • Format Painting.
    Apply similar formatting to paragraphs using Format Painter

Fees: Rs. 500/- Only

Pivot Table

  • Concepts of Pivot Table. What is proper dataset and criteria to generate Pivot Table
  • Advantages / Disadvantages against formula
  • Use different fields to see report based on Product, sales person, region, Total Sales, Count, Max, min etc. within few seconds
  • Design a Pivot Table
  • Functions associated with Pivot Table Value Field Settings (Sum / Count / Min / Max)
  • Sorting and Filter with Pivot Table
  • Using Number fields and text fields in Pivot Table
  • Empty Cells in Pivot Table
  • Drill Down the report to the record level.
  • Report based on Month and year
  • Setting up group and range in category and get report
  • Instant view of chart from Pivot table with options of filtering data fields.
Fees: Rs. 500/- Only

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