What is this Device??

Network Attached Storage (NAS), allows homes and businesses to store and retrieve large amounts of data more affordable than ever before. These NAS devices require no monitor, keyboard or mouse. They generally run an embedded operating system rather than a full-featured Network Operating System. One or more disk drives can be attached to NAS systems to increase total capacity.


  • Data Backup
  • Web Server
  • FTP Server


  • Total Backup Solution
  • Support windows & Linux
  • Schedule / Remote Shutdown
  • FTP Server
  • Web Server

The Device is having 2 hard disks. No monitor required, can be accessed via Network.

Set scheduled automatic backup (only updated and new files) from other user’s hard disks to this server at specified intervals.

Immediate synchronization between the hard disks in order to maintain maximum redundancy.

Access restrictions within the users can be set in order to maintain security.

Backup Solutions

  • Local Backup
  • Network Backup
  • Backup using FTP

Use FTP server, to receive data from branches or from clients.

  • Can be used to keep frequently required data to download for your field workers
  • Can be used for your field workers where they can upload their daily reports.

Use web server to keep regular updates to website, which can be used for inter branch updates

No need to connect monitor or keyboard mouse, shutdown and configuration by Web GUI.